MES-3 Focuses on Video

- Ms. Sheryll Extra-Isoaimo


The third media education seminar for the year focused on visual media and urged the participants to tap into their creativity and share more about themselves. It was held at the Emmaus Conference Centre, Boroko, Port Moresby from 8.30am to 3.30pm, on the 6th of May, feast day of the little saint St. Dominic Savio.   


The 38 participants, both teachers and students alike, greatly enjoyed the activities conducted by the facilitators led by Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB, the secretary for the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC) for Communications and Youth. 


Sheryll Extra-Isoaimo and Nyleptha Kenny from CBC steered those present to be more relaxed and at ease with their breathing, their bodies and with their fellow participants through relaxation exercises, dancing and games.  They even practiced their vocalization.  These activities prepared the participants to face the camera.  “The shadow dance was enjoyable and we participated in it right from the word ‘go’”, said Jamie Komet, ITC 1 student from Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu.


Gregory Jaze Avira, a journalist from the National Broadcasting Cooperation and a guest facilitator of the seminar took the participants through a short session on how to face the camera during a “face to cam segment” in news broadcasting.  With all these preparations and despite nerves, anxieties and fears, all the participants performed and were able to express their hopes and dreams individually while being recorded on camera.  It was a great experience for them to see their faces and hear positive messages about their future plans.

“I was surprised at how difficult it is to speak to a camera,” said Paul Mitu, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School student. “It has contributed to building up my confidence” said Jeannalle Tsiperan, Marianville Catholic Secondary School student.


The second half of the day focused on how to create videos.  The participants watched a short clip discussing the basics of video production.  Cecilia Amala facilitated the session and emphasized the importance of knowing how to handle their camera.  Ian Zuasola, on the other hand, explained the different types of shots that they could use in their own video projects.  The last session was for the participants in their different schools to plan for a theme and discuss a story line for a two-minute video that they will be produced and presented at the culmination of the series of seminars to be held in August.  


It was truly an eventful, exciting and educational session for all participants.  “It was a fascinating experience”, said Patrick Aero, Don Bosco Technical School student.  “The entire day, was nerve wrecking and yet very exciting”, said Patrick Chee, de La Salle Secondary School.  “I’ve learnt how to be a bit more confident and how to control my breathing as well”, said Beatrice Bal, Marianville school student.  “I hope to aspire to a side profession in film making and cinematography”, said Ronnie Malmalit, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School student.


The participants returned to their different schools determined to create their positive and inspiring stories through video and looking forward to MES-4 on the 3rd of June.

Gregory Jaze Avira in session

Nyleptha Kenny from CBC  takes the group through relaxation exercises

Sheryll Isoaimo gets the participants to speak on camera