Promoting Stories of Hope through the Visual Medium

-       Anastasia Wiau Hansola


The 4th Media Education Seminar for students was held on Saturday, 2nd June, 2017 at the Emmaus Conference Centre, East Boroko. The session dwelt on the Visual media.  


The 40 participants had an intense day working in the visual medium.  Each of the seven institutions had the opportunity to work as a team and create, shoot and edit a story.


After prayer and interaction, the participants commenced their sessions.  The Story Board session was presented by Sherryl Isoaimo.  Each group then spent the next hour drawing out the sequence of their story.  They filled in the details of shots, music, titles, cutaways and credits.  Ian Zuasula and Fr. Ambrose Pereira SDB then gave them a few tips on Video shooting and off they went.  


The groups chose their sets and commenced their shooting.  ‘Three, two, one … !’ could be heard around the Conference Centre.  The budding filmmakers, realized that feelings and emotions are vital and need to emerge in a film.  Then followed the task of editing the footage following their story board.  “I now realize the importance of a story board.  If followed well, the details will not be forgotten”, said Ian Zuasula, Don Bosco animator.


The stories had messages centred on hope, portrayed in a variety of ways.  The participants were pushed to the limit, but did not lose hope.  At the end of the day, tired and exhausted, yet contented and happy the students sat back to view their products.  


The different clips were:

1.     Our Identity in Christ – St. Joseph’s International School, Port Moresby

2.     Never lose Hope – Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu

3.     Never Give up – Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, Port Moresby

4.     Happier – Marianville Secondary School, Bomana

5.     Priorities in Life: Study and Education – De La Salle Secondary School, Bomana

6.     There is Hope – Sacred Heart Teachers College, Bomana

7.     Humanity lost to a digital World – Don Bosco Technological Institute


“It was amazing to see what young people can come up with, in a short span of time”, commented Sherryl Isoaimo.  She also suggested that they could now build on what they learnt in the next session.  “It has taken up a lot of time and energy and there were moments when I was frustrated and wanted to give up,” said Chermainne Umba of Don Bosco Technological Institute.  “It’s important to insert scenes that are vital to the story”, said Fabian Papenga.  “I found everything very enjoyable and interesting today,” said Patrick Chee, De La Salle Secondary School participant.


In congratulating the participants, Fr Ambrose reminded them that the message is of vital importance and that needs to emerge through their lives and their actions.  Besides learning about shooting and editing a film, the process helped the participants realize the need for teamwork, concentration, patience and the need to trust others.  All were grateful for the session and thanked the animators for the opportunity to learn and build up their talents and skills.  The next session will be held on the 5th August at Emmaus Conference Centre and will deal with the Audio medium.