Media students given a voice

- Sheryll Extra-Isoaimo, Media animator


Port Moresby:

The majority of Papua New Guineans consider radio as the main source of information and entertainment. This is not surprising as radio transcends geographical boundaries, societal differences and language barriers. For the participants of the 5th session of the series of Media Education Seminars (MES) on the 5th of August, radio has given them a voice.


Focusing on radio for the month of August, participants felt the pressure of creating their own jingle and radio dramas, experiencing how to produce and record their creations and listening to their own voices.  Mr. Ian Zuasula took the participants through the process of composing a jingle and Mrs Sheryll Extra Isoaimo presented examples of radio drama.  Fr Paul Kote and his team from the Catholic radio station Radio Maria were on hand to provide technical expertise and the hardware to make the recording possible.  The students were challenged to record their creations.  The best creations would be broadcast on air.  A variety of jingles and reflective radio dramas with a positive focus have been recorded, each displaying the creative talent of our young participants.


The participants enjoyed session and were satisfied with the organization and content of every seminar.  Several expressed the desire to have more sessions of a longer duration.  Bringing together young people from different institutions and a commitment to use the media positively were expressed by most.


Comments from the participants: -

  • ‘The sessions on ‘Digital Media’ were new and interesting.  I feel satisfied that I have learnt something worthwhile.  Thanks to all our animators’, - Tabitha Tiopili, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko.

  • ‘It is a challenge for me as a missionary to communicate ‘Hope and Trust’ to people out in remote areas.  I will use the media to touch hearts, educate minds and transform lives’, - Sr Leah Baitume, MSI-PIME, Sacred Heart Teachers College, Bomana.

  • ‘Other schools should also be invited so that they can implement it in their school’ – Evert Junior Opu, de La Salle Secondary School

  • ‘It will be wonderful if we could have media sessions every weekend, that we can creatively put together what we learn’, - Chermaine Umba, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko.

  • ‘What caught my attention was the Visual Media session’, - Stephanie Wamuk, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, Bomana.

  • ‘The participants need to meet regularly as they work in their various schools and keep the media spirit alive in their institution’, - Delilah David, Marianville Secondary School Media Coordinator.

  •  ‘I will use my skills and share with others what I have learnt', - Eko Charlie, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko.

  • ‘The sessions have given me confidence and motivated me to use the media positively’, - Jennalle Tsiperau, Marianville Secondary School.

  • ‘I shall do my best to always send out a positive message to the world’, - Patrick Aero, Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu.


The series of sessions, spearheaded by Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, CBC Social Communications and youth Secretary and assisted by media coordinators from participating schools is coming to a close. The last session will be held on the 2nd of September, 2017 at Emmaus Conference Centre, Boroko at 9am.   This will serve as both the culmination of the seminars and the venue for the International Short Film Festival (ISFF17).  Principals, parents and media personnel are invited for this unique event.  Institutions, parishes and youth centers will have the opportunity to organize similar events in their own settings following the guidelines of the ISFF 17.


“May we be critical of what comes across to us through the media, creative and positive in what we post, upload and broadcast in the media”, said Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb as he brought MES 5 to close.