Social Media awareness for teachers


 - Abigail Seta


Gerehu, Port Moresby: An awareness session on Social Media was conducted by CBC Secretary for Communication and Youth, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, for the staff of St Charles Lwanga Secondary School on Thursday, January 25.


The purpose of the session was to make the teachers aware of social media and the impact it has. The two-hour session was conducted at the school’s library where 22 teachers of St Charles gathered to participate and share information.


With the topic focused on “Understanding Social Media Rightly,” Fr Ambrose spoke on the importance of better understanding social media.  He touched on ethics in the information society in terms of copy right, good grammar, creating good relationships, getting your facts right and so forth when using social media because the information posted and even if deleted, is there forever.


Among the 22 teachers was the school’s principal, Bro. Joymou Matthew, who committed himself to reducing his usage of social media. 


“The session was empowering,” he stated. “What struck me most was the knowledge shared on social media and my commitment is to reduce the use of social media and spend time with people around me.”


Also present at the session was the Deputy Academic, Franchesca Sigally, she said:  “It is a very good initiative to give awareness of what social media we are using, for what purpose and how much time we use these devices.”


“There is so much information that is provided on social media but how much is true?” she questioned.


The session saw little games, activities and discussions on the participants understanding of social media. Apart from that, videos were shown highlighting how social media has taken over the lives of many people and the impact it has on our day-to-day lives.