Catholic Education Secretaries gain insight into Social Media

He gave concrete examples of how some pictures posted on social media can ‘inspire’ people to open their hearts to others in need.  An interesting aspect was the understanding of the concepts of digital natives, digital immigrants and digital tourists.  


For many, it was the first time for them to learn about it.  They were keen to gain more information on the different kinds of social media used today and the number of users all around the world.  They also got information on the different spheres within social media, i.e. the private, public, social and corporate sphere.  


Fr Ambrose also explained the different types of selfies and their positive or negative aspects.  Finally, he stressed on upholding ethics while using social media as a means of positive evangelizing in families, among teachers and students within the dioceses and the different dioceses in the country. 


He requested all to think of what commitment they all should take regarding the use of social media.

Several good comments and questions were raised.   The session on social media was timely for this group of educators, who are agents of evangelization for Catholic Education throughout PNG.  Many participants said they would like to have this session facilitated back in their dioceses.

The participants have had a session on the Catholic Social Teaching with an input by Raymond Ton on Elections.  The bulk of the sessions will dwell on Strategic planning.  The measurement services Division and Curriculum Division will also have input sessions.   Reporting of the different regions is also part of the agenda.

- Nyleptha Kenny, National Catholic Education Commission


The Catholic Education Secretaries and Religious Education Coordinators from all the dioceses in PNG are currently having their annual conference at the Hideaway Hotel 27-31st March 2017. The Catholic Social Communications Secretary, Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, facilitated the session on Social Media on Tuesday 28th March.

Fr Ambrose engaged the participants to do an activity prior to introducing the topic by getting their views of what social media is.  He defined social media, what it is and what it does.  He stressed that the Education Secretaries should help teachers and students back in the dioceses to use social media in a positive way.